Resetting your Insomnia / Sleep Disorder

Millions of people around the world suffer from sleeplessness. In America alone, the National Sleep Foundation reports that disordered sleep – difficulty falling asleep, light sleep, or non-restorative sleep for…

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It’s time to breathe!

A good deep slow breath can calm our nerves and lift our spirit. A growing number of scientific studies in the field of Contemplative Neuroscience (e.g. by in Caroline Thompson…

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Coherence, Health & Well-Being

Almost everyday,  we are inundated with news all around us - some positive but mostly negative news - Covid, new lockdowns, job losses, trade war, natural disasters, politics, and many…

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Coherence is NOT relaxation!

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  • Post published:October 22, 2019
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An important point is that the state of coherence is both psychologically and physiologically distinct from the state achieved through most techniques for relaxation. At the physiological level, relaxation is…

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What is Coherence?

Coherence is a harmonious state, the place where our hearts, minds and bodies are united in both cooperation and flow to increase efficiency, effectiveness and achieve better outcomes. Deeper states…

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