Why am I a WeAddHeart facilitator?

In February 2020, I began to facilitate my WeAddHeart session in Surbiton, United Kingdom. It was a paid event with 11 attendees.

Then covid-19 pandemic struck and the UK went into lockdown. New dawn emerged soon after, with many feeling anxious about their future. Many others felt depressed or suffered, especially those who have lost loved ones. Hundreds or even thousands suffer from anxieties and sleeplessness too.

My sessions changed to FREE online sessions, delivered via Microsoft Teams. Feedback from attendees on their WeAddHeart Experiences has been positive – it helped them become more resilient to cope with the adversities they face. Seeing the positive outcome, I welcomed their request to increase my sessions to twice monthly in the UK and further incorporated a lunchtime session to enable attendees from the Asian time zone to participate as well. 

Let’s keep the spirit of hope active for creating a better world together, and this starts with deeper care, kindness, and compassion for each other.

Are you ready for a System Reset?

To get a good night’s sleep, it is important to get our hearts into a coherent rhythm a couple of times during the day. Shifting into Coherence for Better Health & Well-Being is not difficult. Breathing plays a key part in this and like many other HeartMath coaches, I have been providing free sessions through WeAddHeart events since February 2020.

The success of the session has resulted in additional sessions now being held on a monthly basis. WeAddHeart – Surbiton, UK meets virtually every last Wed of the month, and for those in Asia, I facilitate the session on the last Wed of each month WeAddHeart – Malaysia/SingaporeFrom July 2022 onwards, we revert back to every final Wednesday of each month for both sessions.

Throughout the 45 min session, we practise HeartMath techniques to help you activate and sustain Coherence. 
Come join in and experience it for a healthier and fuller life!

WeAddHeart – Surbiton, UK
(aka UK Evening Session)
Last Wed of the month
8:15pm – 9:00pm GMT (or BST in Summer)

WeAddHeart – Malaysia/Singapore
(aka UK Lunchtime Session)
Last Wed of the month
8:15pm – 9:00pm MYT/SGT