Coherence, Health & Well-Being

Almost everyday,  we are inundated with news all around us – some positive but mostly negative news – Covid, new lockdowns, job losses, trade war, natural disasters, politics, and many more. This gets us down, but whenever you are faced with such negativities, spend a few minutes to project yourself back to your easy and carefree childhood days … imagine your time being free, cheeky, precious, loveable, cute, joyful, confident, caring, curious, mischievous, determined and full of life. 

To move from Coherence to Better Health & Well-Being, freeze those wonderful moments and let it live in your mind for a few more minutes; bring back those happy joyous moments to reset your thoughts. Restart your day with some breathing techniques to bring coherence into your body.


Research has shown that shifting into Coherence is an effective and powerful way for reducing and transforming stress and anxiety. When we are faced with stressful events, making a shift into coherence minimises the body’s reactive stress response and the detrimental impact it has on the brain and body.

What is ‘coherence’, you may ask? 

Well, coherence is an optimal state of balance in your mind and body. Coherence helps us sharpen our mind, increase creativity and enable stressful situations to be dealt more effectively in an emotionally balanced and calm manner. From this, one is then able to see different perspectives and solutions and avoid irrational decisions or actions that are often attributed to a stressful and disharmonious inner state of the mind.

Better Health & Well-Being

Learning to shift into coherence has many benefits beyond stress reduction.

Coherence helps the mind and body to repair and revitalise itself. It stimulates and supports the body’s own natural regenerative processes, which in turn makes the body systems function more efficiently. There are significant improvements in the body’s immune system activity and its hormonal balances as well. Major health risk factors such as cholesterol, high blood pressure and a few others will be reduced.

The techniques we use, have been utilised by many health professionals. The coherence building techniques have proven to be powerful and effective means to change negative emotional patterns that drains energy and harms the quality of life, to a more positive one. People who consistently practise the techniques and shift into coherence, have demonstrated significant reductions in the ‘stress hormone’ cortisol and significant increases in the ‘vitality hormone’ DHEA.

Generating coherence shifts the body into that optimal state that drives emotional improvements, and helps patients suffering from illnesses and medical conditions which are known to be exacerbated by stress. A shift away from depression, anxiety, anger and hostility are examples of improvements as shown in scientific studies. Reductions in emotional distress, performance-related anxieties and creating greater inner coherence, there will be more rational thinking, increased clarity, more effective decision-making and enhanced creativity; leading to optimised peak performance and lesser burnouts amongst us all.


Shifting into Coherence for Better Health & Well-Being is not difficult. Breathing plays a key part in this and like many other HeartMath coaches, I have been facilitating FREE group meditation sessions through WeAddHeart events since February 2020.

The success of the session has resulted in additional sessions now being held on a monthly basis. WeAddHeart – Surbiton, UK meets virtually every 2nd and last Wed of the month, and for those in Asia, I facilitate the session on the last Wed of each month WeAddHeart – Malaysia/Singapore. From July 2022 onwards, we revert back to every final Wednesday of each month for both sessions.

Throughout the 45 min session, we practise HeartMath techniques to help you activate and sustain Coherence.
join in and experience it for a healthier and fuller life!

WeAddHeart – Surbiton, UK
Final Wed of the month
8:15pm – 9:00 pm GMT (or BST in Summer)

WeAddHeart – Malaysia/Singapore
Final Wed of the month
8:15pm – 9:00pm MYT/SGT