We Add Heart


We Add Heart is a meetup group for people who feel the pull to connect with their own heart and the hearts of others, to live life more fully from the heart and to create a more heart-based world.

By coming together our intention is to practise simple heart-focused techniques which will improve our personal health and happiness, help us to connect with the hearts of others and to play our part in raising social and global consciousness with the aim of creating greater fairness, understanding and peace between peoples and nations.

What will happen during the We Add Heart group?

We begin each session with a quick and informal “check in” so that people an share how they are feeling and get to know each other. We then move on to practising simple heart-focused techniques, similar to meditations.

Specifically, we place our attention in our hearts, on our breath and on creating and sustaining positive and elevated heart-based feelings like care, appreciation, gratitude, and compassion. We will then spend time directing these feelings to ourselves, towards our fellow group members, towards a particular individual, group or situation and then out into the world.

The techniques we practise create individual and group “coherence”. Coherence is a real, measurable state characterised by increased order and harmony in our physiological (bodily) and psychological (mental) processes. It is an optimal state for individual health and for building deeper connections with others.

The technique practise last’s around 50 minutes. We then spend a little time reflecting on a different question and seeing if we can find a beneficial perspective. The question is different each month and is very simple. For example, it might be “Who or what do you need to forgive?” We then ask “What action could you take?” and see what the heart comes up with.

For the final 15 minutes we hold a “Sharing Circle” within which anyone is free to share anything they wish, while the other group members sustain their coherence to listen deeply and stay connected with their hearts. We don’t provide any ideas or solutions, we just listen.

Who created We Add Heart?

We Add Heart is an expanding collaboration between organisations involved in heart-based living, personal development and raising consciousness. HeartMath® UK+IRL facilitates the running, administration and expansion of the community of group. We Add Heart group facilitators are people who share the vision of a more peaceful, fairer and happier world. They come from all walks of life and anyone can become a We Add Heart facilitator.

If you would like to add more heart to your life, and We Add Heart resonates with you, then you can book your place in the UK at WeAddHeart – Surbiton, UK or for Asia at WeAddHeart – Malaysia/Singapore.