Reducing Stress & Staying Balanced – Being Compassionate

Let us focus on the topic of Being Compassionate“. Being Compassionate or Compassionate latitude is an attitude of compassionate understanding that every one of us, is always doing our best against the stress overload, anxiety and the clouded thinking so many of us are experiencing.

Practising compassionate latitude and being compassionate with each other – families, friends, colleagues, etc. – will help reduce and prevent the stress build-up from our anger, judgements, and resentments. This increases our tolerance, patience, and deeper understanding of each other’s situations.

Being mindful and respectful that all of us can come up short at times in our choices and that we can make mistakes in our words or actions, will help us maintain our balance, resilience and flow during those pressing times of change and unpredictability. By skipping the drama and forgiving each other, we can move on quicker from those stressful moments.

As we practise compassion, care, and kindness with each other, this opens our heart to increased personal and collective intuitive guidance for the best choices and direction through whatever life brings us. Remember to be kinder and more compassionate with yourself too, because the lack of this can quickly stack your stress deficit and compromise your personal well-being.

As this takes a little practice, here is some guidance on becoming more compassionate

Exercise: Being Compassionate / Compassionate Latitude

  1. Start with quiet breathing while radiating feelings of gratitude. This helps to shift our energy from the mind to our heart.
  2. Next, ponder for a while where you could give others more compassionate latitude at home, at work, watching the news, sorting out miscommunications, etc.
  3. Now visualise yourself replacing judgements, angered responses, lack of tolerance, and separation with compassionate latitude such as care, kindness, acceptance, cooperation, and tolerance, for others and yourself. Use the Anchoring Technique from Week 1 to anchor in this valuable habit by practising it over several days in a row.
  4. Now, radiate compassion and latitude to people with different biases whose polarising views are creating separation, stress and chaos. The giving of unconditional love and compassion increases our well-being and resilience.

The need for love and compassion has been philosophized for aeons, and now is the time for us to bring it to the street and see the positive impact it can have on everyone around us.