Reducing Stress & Staying Balanced – Anchoring

Central to many things in our life is our HEART. With good heart qualities and positive renewing emotions, we can shift our personal life and the life of those around us, into one filled with love, patience, compassion, and kindness. Accessing those heart qualities inside us takes practice and will get easier over time.

This will also help you feel more at ease, less anxious, and more resilient as you navigate life with more peace, balance, and less drama.

Let me introduce you to a simple concept called “ANCHORING“.

Reflect on those occasions where you were inspired and motivated by new information, videos, tools & techniques that helped you manage your well-being, anger, frustration, or other energy-zapping habits. Remember how speedily you embraced it. Many times, this initial inspiration and excitement fade away very speedily as well. It is soon forgotten, and you start experimenting with new toolkits again.

Inspiration is magical as it drives us quickly into action – you were inspired enough, and your intention was strong enough to get you started. As you practice it initially, you gained new insights and perspectives. Unfortunately, old habits come back to slowly move you away from your new discovery.

This is where ANCHORING is important. It is beneficial for you to anchor or hook into those specific tools or exercises that you find helpful in eliminating and preventing stress while supporting your health, well-being, and clear thinking.

Important steps to remember:

  1. Step into inspiration and insights soon after experiencing them.
  2. Then revisit those insights throughout the day and breathe in the feelings and memories that are associated with your intention.
  3. Daily, practise this with deep intention. This will really help you anchor it in.
  4. Appreciate any positive benefits from your practice of anchoring the insight. Enhance that spirit of commitment with regular reinforcement.
Inspiration is a spirit-filled moment, As we move forward with the first nudge of inspiration, we can beat the human tendency to waste that intuitive gift from our heart. Sometimes it is many months before another inspiration returns. Anchoring it will ensure it does not slip away after the first pass, especially if it works for you!